Small Business Support

Down Right Prints provides a platform for our users to launch their own page built around the sales of custom designed t-shirts or apparel. We handle the logistics of setting up the home page, printing the orders that coincide with each sale/donation, as well as individual fulfillment or a bulk shipment of the total amount of orders. No inventory, or upfront cost. Promote your business/cause, and let us do the rest!

How It Works

Step 1

Create a custom design on a garment of your choice. If you do not have a pre-existing design, our art department is here to help create the perfect artistic representation for your page.

Step 2

Decide the duration of your sale (We recommend between 7 - 30 days), what you would like to charge for your item(s), as well as your sales goal!

Step 3

Provide us with a description of your business or what you are raising money for. You are free to send us any photos, or videos that can be posted on your page as well!

Step 4

We will generate a custom landing page for your campaign with all the information collected above. We will provide you with a direct link to your page to share and promote, as well as custom digital content built specifically to share on social media!
Down Right Prints platform is designed to allow our customers to launch their campaign without any upfront cost. In order to make that possible, the cost to host your store is built right into the order cost.